How to Make Your Dinner and Movie Date Interesting

How to Make Your Dinner and Movie Date Interesting

A romantic Movie and Dinner Date at home

A classic movie and dinner date can be more expensive that we may initially think. It may appear as though you’re just going to do two things, but that’s what exactly get it more expensive. The current thinking is that “You’re just going to do two things, why not make it the best”. But more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, in fact it can only turn out to be boring. SO instead of having that classic movie and dinner date outside, why not make it at the comfort of your own home.
Well, it may certainly be kind of just being lazy to go outside and have your dinner, but doing it at your home can extremely be more fun that what you may think, and more accessible. So here’s what you’re going to do.
When you plan to do it at home, it’s best to prepare everything ahead. Preparing it now will surely avoid conflicts and other problems during the movie and dinner date you’re going to have. First is to check you’re movies stock up. You should pile up different genres of movies to choose from or pick out something that you are sure the girl is going to like. Pick one that will interest her and make a great atmosphere inside the house. Prepare it so that you won’t have to search it while your girl is already there.
In terms of food, preparations are most important. You should plan out everything and decide with something simple. Choose the beverage you’re going to drink -- will it be wine or beer or a cold drink -- and choose a simple appetizer, main dish and dessert. Also, don’t be overconfident with your plan, always have a back-up plan in case everything goes for the worse.
Decide the location on the house where you’re going the movie and dinner date. You may do the movie on the living room or bed room, or even outside, it is up to you, and the dinner date can also be done on your backyard, rooftop or maybe just the dining room. Choose romantic decorations and use nice dishes to bring up the mood. Also, dress up even if you’re going to do the movie and dinner date at home. This will make a more romantic atmosphere.
Plan everything and make sure there will be no distractions later on. And when the mood is right, you may get that homerun you’re aiming for. Doing it at home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being cheap, remember that you’re just going to make everything a little more interesting at comfort of your own home. I’m sure that once done correctly, you’re classic movie and dinner date will turn into something more.

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